Industry Solutions


In the face of a volatile economic climate we can help your non-governmental or non-profit organisation to save funds and resources, by providing you with a reliable online payment solution that will enable you to send funds quickly and reliably, to those in urgent need all over the world.

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We offer fast and simple international payment and receivable solutions, which are developed specifically for educational institutions. Let our specialised services help save your institution, and students, unnecessary expenses and administrative burdens.

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Financial Institutions

Give your customers access to a full suite of FX and international payment services and solutions, which help you to expand your offering, increase client loyalty, and tap into valuable new revenue streams - all without outsourcing to the competition or undertaking major, costly training initiatives.

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Law Firms

We are a leading worldwide payment specialist for law firms, and our solution is one of the first law firm specific web-based payment systems for domestic and international payments. We can help you bring control and flexibility to your international payments process.

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Single Farm Payments

Our incoming payment solutions and Foreign Currency Holding Balances enable you to receive your Single Farm Payments in Euros, and then convert them at a time that you find favourable, affording you much more control over the rate of conversion that you receive.

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Claims Management

We can work with your claims processing or insurance company to help you manage the time and costs associated with large volumes of insurance claims, and the payments associated with them.

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We can help to protect your travel firm from the whims of an ever fluctuating exchange rate, and decrease its impact on your bottom line. We have been a trusted partner to hundreds of travel agencies for many years, and our services are often white labeled by travel operators and overseas property agents.

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Market Research and Medical Research

We’ll help you ensure that your transactions are handled in a way that benefits both you and your recipients. We will help to streamline the payment process; eliminating any hassle of making irregular payments to participants or receiving payments from purchasers of research, with speed and ease.

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