FX Solutions for Law Firms

We are a leading legal payments specialist and a trusted payments provider to more than 500 law firms around the world, and our solution can help your law firm to save both time and money, while receiving some of the best service available in the marketplace.

Our solution is one of the first law specific web-based payment systems for domestic and international payments, and will provide your company with an industry-leading online system, the ability to initiate foreign exchange payments in more than 130 currencies, low-cost international transfers, accounting system integration, and outstanding compliance features.

In addition, our foreign exchange specialists will work directly with your organisation to help develop an effective risk management strategy that will help minimise your firm’s currency risk exposure; enabling you to ensure that you are making the most your clients’ valuable funds.

Making Foreign Associate Payments

With Western Union Business Solutions' GlobalPay Legal, law firms have the ability to transfer foreign associate payments as low-cost International ACH payments, and set Future Payments with a fixed exchange rate; all while managing approvals and offering self-administered controls.

Low-cost international payments: International ACH transfers save your firm money, and ensure that your foreign associate receives the full payment amount, with no incoming wire fees or other deductions on the receiving end.

Future payments: This feature allows you to fix the exchange rate for payments under £10,000, and schedule payment for release at any time within 120 days, so you will know the precise sterling cost of your billable items and can invoice your client the exact amount.

Streamlining your Payment Process

GlobalPay Legal has a range of features that can simplify your payment processes, help reduce payment costs, and help manage your cash flow.

Accounting package integration: GlobalPay Legal is compatible with most time & billing and accounting systems (we are a preferred partner of Elite).

Self-administered user controls: Our online solution allows you to set the user rights you want, from administrator approval and order entry, to reporting access and order reviewing.

Payee Manager for Legal: Easily upload your vendor network and continues to maintain your foreign vendor banking details. This solution can also help your firm convert from cheque payments to low-cost electronic payments.

Accounts Payable Outsourcing Solution: Our outsourcing solution allows you to eliminate the time and costs associated with the manual entry of international and domestic payments or payroll files.

Find out more about how we can help your law firm to save both time and money, while receiving some of the best service available in the marketplace.

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