FX solutions for Market Research and Medical Research Companies

FX solutions for Market Research and Medical Research Companies

We understand that you need to be able to make numerous payments on a frequent basis to your participants quickly and efficiently, whilst also receiving payments from those who purchase your research. Our market research and medical research clients have highlighted the importance of storing and managing payment information of your respondents or panellists, to ensure smooth and timely delivery of your payments.

This is where Western Union Business Solutions can offer convenient, reliable solutions to help you simplify international payments, manage currency risk, and plan for future growth.

We tailor our solutions to enable you to:

  • Make multiple, small or irregular payments to participants in research panels and focus groups quickly and easily
  • Pay for overseas research work: analysts, software, fieldwork, salaries, expenses and operating costs
  • Receive payments from purchasers of research quickly and easily
  • Streamline the payment process – eliminate the pain and hassle of making irregular payments of differing values
  • File upload – upload your beneficiaries’ details in one go
  • Fully integrate your ERP or accounting software with our online payment platform GlobalPay fx360 feature. Once a payment file has been uploaded into GlobalPay, the payments are automatically processed and a reconciliation file can be delivered in a format to be uploaded back into the original accounting system
  • Reduce payment queries from your respondents, by inviting your beneficiaries to enrol onto Payee Manager. With this self-serve concept; the onus of reporting, providing and maintaining accurate bank details lies in your beneficiaries’ hands, and Payee Manager takes away the workload from you.

Find out more about how we can help your company your market research or medical research company to streamline your payment process, to make and receive payments with speed and ease.

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