NGO GlobalPay

At this year’s Clinton Global Initiative, Western Union committed to serving NGOs around the world with world-class solutions to help them receive, convert, and deliver funds more efficiently.

Now, we’re pleased to announce that our new comprehensive payment solution for NGOs is in the pilot phase. We’re working closely with existing NGO clients to ensure that our platform meets the unique needs of organizations like yours, allowing you to get money to where it’s needed most, easily and reliably.

This solution, the first of its kind, was built to meet the specific payment requirements of NGOs around the world—from collection to conversion to delivery. Combining Western Union’s 135 years of experience moving money and global financial network—which now spans over 200 countries and territories—with the foreign exchange and international payments expertise of our dedicated business-to-business team, this versatile platform will allow you to deliver funds from account to account, from account to retail* via our over 300,000 global Agent locations, or from account to mobile, in minutes.

Like all of our Business Solutions, our suite of services for NGOs is backed by the dedicated support of experienced FX specialists who understand your unique needs.

We’re very excited about our new solution for NGOs, and we hope you are too.

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*Account to Retail – ability to pick up funds in cash and other pay-out options.