Meet our dedicated foreign exchange specialists, who understand the specific payment needs of non-profits and NGOs. We work closely with our non-profit clients, to ensure their FX goals are met, and their funds are getting where they need to go.

Aidan Lawless

Aidan Lawless

Aidan has focused his efforts primarily on the non-for-profit and faire-trade sectors. As a business development manager Aidan helps organizations to achieve a wide variety of objectives including sending cash quickly during a humanitarian crisis to the most remote parts of the world or making wire payments directly to the foreign bank accounts of vendors, partners and employees. Aidan’s experience makes him a key partner for NGOs who are looking for grater payment accuracy, transparency and security.

Aidan works with NGOs of all sizes and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in foreign exchange and payment services. He holds a BA (Hons) degree in Financial Services and a MSc in International Business and currently lives and works in Dublin.

Contact Aidan today: aidan.lawless@westernunion.com

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