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Western Union Business Solutions' GlobalPay is payment processing the way it should be - a global online platform offering streamlined processing, reduced costs and errors, and tools for improving cash and risk management. GlobalPay makes international payments and receipts easy for companies of any size.

The key benefits offered by GlobalPay include:

Streamlined Payment Processing

With GlobalPay, all payments are processed via a single platform, eliminating the need for multiple logins. It also eliminates the difficulties associated with handling multiple foreign bank accounts. It’s a true one-stop shop.

Reduced Payment Costs and Errors

GlobalPay enables you to search for your beneficiary’s bank using just one or two pieces of information, such as bank address and city. The platform then provides complete and up-to-date payment instructions for that bank – helping you to avoid time-consuming and costly errors resulting from use of incorrect banking instructions.

Access to the GEO Global Clearing Network

Our GEO Global Clearing Network intelligently routes payments though our bank accounts around the world, allowing us to bypass the traditional payment routes, which are often expensive, slow, and cumbersome.
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Enhanced Currency Risk Management Tools

GlobalPay helps you identify currency risk within your payment processes, and determine a suitable risk management strategy that you can implement to cover risk and protect your bottom line.

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GlobalPay Features

  • File Upload with fx360 - GlobalPay can integrate with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with our fx360 functionality.
  • Treasury Management with Enterprise Groups - Our Enterprise Groups functionality is the perfect system for businesses that make payments from multiple departments or locations. This innovative solution allows payment groups to be linked together, for greater visibility and control.
  • Cheque Elimination with Electronic Payments - By utilising our cheque elimination solution, you can easily and cost-effectively convert your cheques to electronic payments.
  • Payee Manager for Beneficiary Management - Our Payee Manager solution enables your vendors to maintain their own banking instructions and track payments, further minimising errors, as well as reducing time spent maintaining vendor information and responding to vendor enquiries.

Find out more about how GlobalPay can provide your business with streamlined processing, reduced costs and errors, and tools for improving cash and risk management.

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