File Upload with fx360

Western Union Business Solutions' GlobalPay’s fx360 feature is one of the most flexible file interfaces currently available for the payment industry. It enables full integration of your ERP, accounting software or Treasury Management Systems - without any IT development on your end, or significant business process changes.

fx360 utilises a single format for all payment types, whether wires, drafts, domestic, international, or even multi-currency. This helps you avoid the vast array of proprietary formats promoted by various banks and saves the hassle of implementing and maintaining multiple file integration formats.

Importing payment files with our file upload feature

Payment files generated from your ERP/accounting/TMS applications can be transmitted through either a manual upload within GlobalPay, or through our SFTP service. Both methods allow you to define your approval workflow.

Files can be transmitted with full payee banking information or a unique Payee Identifier. Multiple payment types and currencies can be transmitted in a single payment file, with support for both spot and scheduled payments. In addition, your beneficiaries can be notified by email that payments have been initiated.

File download feature for exporting gives you more control

Receive comprehensive cash-flow level electronic statements, at intervals you define, on all payment transactions, via e-mail or through the SFTP service. Statements can be delivered in any format supported by your payment application, including:

  • MT940/942
  • Fixed Width
  • BAI
  • Character
  • XML Delimited

At the time of upload, or on a schedule defined by you, the GlobalPay fx360 service delivers a detailed status of each transaction, including any errors within the file.

GlobalPay can also generate scheduled and ad hoc exchange rate files for currencies of your choice and can be loaded back into your ERP or accounting system, to generate periodic budget rates for accounting purposes.

Find out more about how fx360 enables full integration of your ERP, accounting software or Treasury Management Systems.

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