How it Works

Having an online account with us makes sending funds easy and convenient.

1. Set Up Your Account

After your account has been approved, simply add your bank account and your recipients' bank accounts. This information reduces the time it takes to book a transaction down to minutes.

2. Initiate Your Payment

Access our online system through simple drop down menus, enter payment information and choose how you would like your recipient to receive the funds. Confirm foreign exchange rate details and book your payment. We will send you an email with the payment specifications.

3. You Send Us the Funds

Pay us through a bank transfer from your online banking. We’ll email you our bank details to set us up as a beneficiary.

4. We Send the Payment Out

We will take care of the foreign exchange and send the payment quickly and securely to your recipient in your specified currency. You can receive an email notifying you that the payment has been made. We can even send your recipient an email notifying them of the incoming payment.