Overseas Property

If you are buying or selling property abroad as an investment, a holiday home or for a permanent residence, it’s important to protect yourself against market fluctuations. Exchange rates are constantly on the move and this can impact on the amount you pay or receive for your overseas property.

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Personal Payments offers peace of mind by providing:

  • Bank beating exchange rates
  • A dedicated dealer to look after your payment requirements
  • Forward Contracts – You can lock in a rate today for a date up to 12 months in the future
  • Rate Trackers – We can watch for targeted rates and let you know if any of them are hit
  • FREE, easy to open, no-obligation trading account

Buying a property overseas takes time and the markets are constantly on the move. Legal processes and local red tape can slow things down and if the rates move against you during this period, you could end up paying more for the property than you originally anticipated.

Many of our customers choose to lock in rates today for a date in the future using a forward contract. This helps to minimise the risk of the markets moving out of your favour and ensures that the amount today, is the amount you pay.