Online International Payments Platform

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Ever wish you had more control over the execution and cost of your foreign currency and cross-border payments? The good news is that there's an easy way your business can. Read this free White Paper on the benefits that an online payments platform can offer your business.

  • Discover the four advantages that an online payments platform can offer your business
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  • Make payments when you want to with 24/7 access to over 130 currencies
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The process of moving money from one currency to another and from one country to another has never been a more pivotal part of conducting business as it is now. With this current reality and the need for better, more efficient practices to handle international payments to ensure business continuity and minimization of the risks associated with foreign currency fluctuations, many businesses are moving to online international payments platforms to improve their bottom line.

Traditional methods of international payments are wrought with a lack of real-time information, little or no visibility as to payment status once it's initiated and with New York as the main location for settlement of foreign payments in North America, companies are forced to work within east coast banking hours. Attempting to accomplish your business needs during these restricted hours is simply not possible for many businesses, especially if they have locations in multiple times zones or countries. With the currency market operating 24 hours a day, and nearly 7 days a week, using traditional methods for international payments could mean that you lose out on favourable overnight rates and market shifts. The delay and resulting currency fluctuations that occur with international payments not through traditional international payments methods can drastically affect your bottom line.

An online platform for foreign exchange can offer many benefits to your business that will positively impact your bottom line.

A full service online platform to handle your business's international payments needs is essential to stay competitive in your marketplace and speed up payment delivery to your beneficiaries.
The efficiencies that your business can gain will outlast any prevailing market conditions include speed and accuracy of payments, transparency into cost and status of a payment, increased control over the payment process, seamless integration and 24/7 accessibility with dedicated support. Imagine what these advantages could mean to your business.