Exporter Resources

The Irish Exporters Association

The Irish Exporters Association represents a variety of companies within the export industry. The IEA provides a range of resources for SMEs that have just begun trading internationally as well as multinationals that are already exporting their products and services on a global scale.

As members of the IEA, Western Union Business Solutions will be providing beneficial information about our products and services to the wider exporting community, as well as attending networking events to enable you to meet with our currency and cash management specialists and learn from your peers who also export globally.

Dublin Chamber of Commerce

Dublin Chamber of Commerce offers Irish companies the resources to successfully drive their business forward. For more than two hundred years, the Chamber has represented the interests of all businesses in the Greater Dublin Area and provides a variety of resources; such as export services and international business assistance, to successfully promote your business.

Western Union Business Solutions will be working closely with the Chamber to support Irish importers and exporters, by providing valuable information about International Payments, our cash management solution and currency hedging on their website, as well as attending networking events to enable you to promote your enterprise, build upon your professional network, learn from your peers and add value to your business.

Dublin Chamber of Commerce recently launched a pilot initiative called “Pay Online – Pay On Time” aimed at encouraging more Irish business to use online payments, rather than the traditional slower method of cheques. To find out more click here.

Irish Small and Medium Enterprises

ISME, the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association, is an independent, not-for-profit, membership organization which represents the interests of Irish SMEs, and currently has almost 9000 members.

ISME supports SME owners and managers by lobbying on their behalf, providing advice and information, and also a variety of opportunities to network via events and training and to do business with other members via the Member to Member area of the website. These networking events provide an effective way for SME owners and managers to network with like-minded business people and to be kept up-to-date on various issues that maybe impacting on their business.

Western Union Business Solutions will be attending a variety of these networking events, which will provide you with a great opportunity to meet with our currency specialists to find out how we help Irish SMEs manage their currency and cash exposure, and grow their business and manage their cash flow.