Strategic Alliances

Add Value To Your Business with Western Union Business Solutions.

Western Union Business Solutions benefits companies around the world, delivering international payment services to their customers.

Increase customer satisfaction and create a new revenue stream by presenting a fast and reliable international payment solution that complements your current business operations. We'll work closely with you in order to select and implement an effective option that will benefit your clients.

Strategic Alliance Options

Affiliate Referral Program

Refer your customers to us and receive commissions on qualifying referrals.

The process is simple:

  • We provide marketing materials for you to use on your website and customer communication
  • They contain tracked links to a webpage where your referrals sign up for our services
  • Commissions earned are sent every month

This is a quick way to present your customers with foreign exchange payment services.

Apply for the Affiliate Program

Integration Programs

For companies with more significant payment demands, we implement our integration programs. Add value to your current service offering by integrating our international payment solutions directly into your website or software.

Co-Branding Alliance

Co-brand and integrate our online payments platform into your website.

Financial Institutions

Provide an international payment solution for your customers without having to use a competitive processing bank.

Integrated Software Service

Incorporate an international payment solution directly into your software through an API interface.

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All of our Strategic Alliances offer:

  • New revenue streams.
  • Access to educational materials about international payments.
  • Additional products to complement your product suite, improve customer satisfaction and increase retention.

Support includes:

  • Sales: A global sales force that can train and/or assist your sales acquisition team or sell directly to your customer.
  • Technical Support: A dedicated team to assist in the development and implementation of technical solutions and a resource for the ongoing stability and scalability of the solution.
  • Marketing: Experienced marketing professionals will help you develop different marketing strategies to reach and promote our integrated payment solution to your customers.